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WHO is FOR-Line

FOR-Line is a young creative team under the leadership of Horst Haufe, who as managing director and the boss of FOR-Line benefits from many years of professional experience and training in the retail trade, skilfully applies his knowledge and passes it on to his team. With regards to his team, Horst Haufe attaches great importance to qualifications in the areas of retail trade, design, product development and the respective focal points, and yet in doing so he never loses sight of the human aspects.

“His Team” must be able to work productively and creatively together with pleasure. This is the only sure way to attain maximum results and to faultlessly implement the customer’s requests in time.

He is justified by this philosophy, as the products developed by FOR-Line are characterised by a modern look, which mirrors the spirit of the times and conveys a pure joie de vivre!
Product developers and designers work hand in hand in the creative department located in Roetgen. For the further planning and development process of individual products, they have access to a large network of reliable contacts and partners, who round off and enrich the team where need be. The developers and designers are involved in the product every step of the way up until it is despatched, thus guaranteeing its quality.

That is why FOR-Line is a strong, creative unit, who is without doubt the right partner when it comes to the development of products for the home and decoration.